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When I was a child, I had a fairly big stuffed toy collection. Quite a few were cat stuffed toys. Those are almost all gone now, but in the last few years, I've collected some here and there that I liked, and that were small. I like the little ones, and think of some of them as totems for individual cats. I don't take it seriously though, this is all about fun for me.


The one that started my collection as an adult is shown below. It is the famous Sylvester. I found this one, though I can't remember where now, even though I really have tried to remember. It is fitting, as the cat it reminds me of is Cornelius who is pictured here with Sylvester. Cornelius was found too. Sadly for me, Cornelius is long gone, but I hold on to Sylvester, and I keep him beside a picture of Cornelius.

Sylvester tuxedo cat

Sylvester with Cornelius.

On New Year's evening 2011, I was at friends playing board games. I'm not sure now if I won a game, or everyone got a prize, but I got a stuffed toy cow that was black & white. Being a tuxedo cat fanatic, I was thrilled, and took the new "tuxedo cow" home and gave it to my girl tuxedo cat Andi. I just assumed she would not have cared, but much to my surprise, she was enamored with it. It became her toy until one day it disappeared a year or so later. So far, it has never turned up, and I've never found another one to give to Andi.

Tuxedo cat Andi with stuffed cow toy

Andi cat & her "tuxedo cow".

Tuxedo cat Andi with stuffed cow toy detail shot

She really did take to this stuffed toy.

....Lots more coming soon....