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Picture of Tuxedo Cat Cornelius at beach

Cornelius taking a well deserved day off to enjoy time at the beach.

Vintage steam train poster

So far, I have about 50,000 cat pictures & videos I've taken over my life! Even so, I'm still going full steam ahead with cat photography. I have always found taking & looking at my cat pictures fun & relaxing - like going to the beach. So when you can't go to the beach for a break, take a side trip on the Tuxedo Cat Junction line to another world and look around.

Cats In Art Page

Girl in white with black & white cat by Diane Ulmer Pedersen

Click here to go to the "Cats In Art" page. I love this painting by Diane Ulmer Pedersen. It is called, "Girl In White With Black & White Cat". Click here to go to Diane Ulmer Pedersen's web page with the painting.

Cedar Cat Scratching Post with Sisal rope side view

Looking for the CAT SCRATCHING POSTS? Click here!

My first cat named Sam

My first cat Sam with me in May of 1966. We were together until 1983.

Avensby Has A Twitter Page!!

Avensby's Twitter Page

Avensby was bugging me to get her own Twitter account, so I finally relented & helped her set one up. I still think she's a bit young for it, but grandkids grow up fast these days I guess. Avensby's Twitter Page.