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Picture Of The Day March 2019:

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tuxedo cat watching squirrel outside on cold winter day

Friday April 19, 2019 Pic of the Day.

Putting nuts outside the window in the winter was both helpful to the squirrels, and gave Cornelius something to do on a cold winter's day.
Taken: February 2004.

tuxedo cat on picnic table by Aylen Lake

Thursday April 18, 2019 Pic of the Day.

Cornelius enjoying a beautiful September day on the picnic table by Aylen Lake beside Algonquin Park Ontario Canada.
Taken: September 2006.

two tuxedo cats on blanket on backs

Wednesday April 17, 2019 Pic of the Day.

Both of these girls are tuxedos, but very different. Andi on left, Avensby on right.
Taken: April 2019.

cats in a loft

I like the way Leon (Orange Tabby) is snuggled into Uncle Cornelius, and has his tail wrapped around his sister Andi. Elly-May (with orange & black polka dots) is Andi & Leon's sister. Taken in a loft I made in the log cabin I lived in long ago and far away. Nice times for me & the cats.
Taken: May 2009.

tuxedo Cat

Monday April 15, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Cornelius sleeping under a heat lamp. Cornelius had breathing problems, and keeping the house cooler and providing him with a heat lamp seemed to help. He really liked it, and would sleep under it for long periods of time.
Taken: December 2003.

tuxedo Cat

Sunday April 14, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Nice picture of Margarita even if the lamp shade has been knocked off kilter by cats chasing each other around while Margarita and I were sitting on my zero gravity chair (a great type of chair for having cats sit on your lap). I wear earplugs when I sleep because I have so many cats. Sometimes when I get up in the morning it looks like a huricane went through the room with lamps tipped over, tissues torn out of the box and all over the floor, items pulled off the shelves, and on and on. I just sigh, get the cat's food ready for them, then clean up the room with my cup of tea or coffee in hand.
Taken: April 2019.

Forest Cat

Saturday April 13, 2019 Pic of the Day.
This again is my tiny cat Fiona. I've said before that she is very hard to take pictures of as she moves constantly. The way she moves has more in common with a squirrel than a cat as far as I'm concerened. She leaps from the mantle to the cat tree, to the window shelf, etc. Leap, leap, leap all the time like a squirrel in a tree. She has very long fur, beautiful markings with rich colours. And, as I've also said before, she only weighs around 6.5 pounds, so her long fur masks how small she really is - and she also has a bit of a tummy. If she was thinner, I bet she would only weigh about 6 pounds. She is about 8.5 years old here. Not the best cat picture I know, but on this occasion, I took about 20 pictures and only 2 were not blurs.
Taken: April 2019.

tuxedo cats

Friday April 12, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Dexter. I take a lot - and I mean a lot - of cat pictures. Not very often does one come out that makes me say, "Wow, that perfectly captures the spirit of the cat". This is one of those rare exceptions. I was having a bad day when Dexter came up on to my lap and just looked me in the eyes. As ususal, I took a picture. When I looked at the picture, my day got instantly better. Though I like to take good pictures to post here, my real reason for taking them is to look back and remember.
Taken: April 2019.

silver abyssinian cat

Thursday April 11, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Patty. I love Patty's ticked silver fur. I've been told she is either a Silver Abyssinian or a Silver Abyssinian & Tabby cross. Either way, a very beautiful coat.
Taken: March 2019.

cat yawning

Wednesday April 10, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Fiona yawning in the basket on the top of the cat tree. Every time I look at this picture, I yawn too!
Taken: April 2019.

Orange tabby cat on sleigh in sun rubbing snout

Tuesday April 09, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Another picture of Leon on the sleigh in the morning sun. I've noticed that when the cats are on on the sleigh and it is sunny, they love to rub their snout on the handle.
Taken: April 2018.

Tuxedo cat fact up close

Monday April 08, 2019 Pic of the Day.
A good picture of Dexter to look at his face markings. I've personally only ever seen one picture of a cat who had more or less the same face markings. His face is basically a typical tuxedo cat, but with the black chin and nose. Many people who see Dexter in person comment on his face markings. One interesting point about Dexter is that people sometimes are nervous of Dexter because they think he is fierce. He is a bigger cat, but when I ask why people are cautious around him, they say it is the look on his face. In truth, Dexter is a very sweet and cuddly cat.
Taken: April 2019.

orange tabby cat on sleigh in sunshine

Sunday April 07, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Leon on the sleigh attached to the side of the cat tree enjoying the morning sun. This is from exactly one year ago. Leon passed away last August, and I have to say I really miss him. He was such a sweet cat with a very warm personality, and I can feel the void without him.
Taken: April 2018.

tuxedo cat on table under light

Saturday April 06, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Avensby on an end table under the lamp with an incandecent bulb warming herself on a cool, cloudy day.
Taken: March 2019.

cat on a trunk

Friday April 05, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Norton is quite fun to take pictures of. He is squirmy, but very photogenic.
Taken: April 2019.

two cats cuddled up

Thursday April 04, 2019 Pic of the Day.
These two are really good friends.
Taken: March 2019.

cat in cat cave

Wednesday April 03, 2019 Pic of the Day.
I bought the cats a "cat cave" a few weeks ago. Most of the time they just sleep on the top of it like any cat bed, but I really like it when they use it as a cave. This is Dexter. I find what happens is that one cat is in the cave enjoying themselves, then another cat will get on top of it to use it as a bed, inadvertently stepping on the cat inside which causes the cat inside to get out of the cave.
Taken: March 2019.

forest cat

Tuesday April 02, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Daisy sleeping in the front bay window. Daisy has very long hair (over 4 inches long on her body). When she sleeps against the glass, it looks cute to me the way her hair flattens. She is a large cat as well (thin & about 16 pounds). Her nickname is "The Big Fluffy".
Taken: April 2019.

tuxedo cat and teddy bear

Monday April 01, 2019 Pic of the Day.
Top of the cat tree. I think I may have woken Margarita up (left, back).
Taken: January 2005.

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