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Tuxedo cat Cornelius on beach

Stations On The Tuxedo Cat Junction Line To Explore:

Picture Of The Day Page

Picture of Tuxedo Cat Cornelius under heat lamp

Every day there is a new picture of the day.

Cats In Art Page

Girl in white with black & white cat by Diane Ulmer Pedersen

If you love both cats and art, this is the page for you.

Home-Made Outdoor Cedar Cat Pen

Picture of home-made cedar cat pen in winter

An outdoor cat pen with a "sky bridge" cat tunnel over 20 feet long made of cedar logs & branches.

Home-Made Indoor Cat Tree

Picture of home-made cat tree

A home-made cat tree from cedar logs, vintage pop crates, children's sleigh & more.

Home-Made Scratching Logs

Picture of home-made cat scratching log with tuxedo cat

My Home-Made cedar scratching logs.

Cat Videos I've Made

Screen shot of cat video on Youtube

Some of the cat videos I've made.

TuxedoCatJunction's YouTube Channel

Screen shot of Youtube channel

Yes, TuxedoCatJunction has a YouTube Channel. Why Not?

More To Explore - Contents Page

Screen shot of cat video on Youtube

Contents Page.


Certified Cat Crazy Person since 1963. I've taken in many, many homeless cats over the years. I've taken over 60,000 cat pictures since I got my first digital camera early in the year 2000. In July of 2018, I thought I would share some of the best with you, so TuxedoCatJunction was created.

My first cat named Sam

My cat Sam with me in May of 1966. We were together until 1983.